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Performing Pigeons – Movie Collection

In this collection of movies we will show you some of the most amazing breeds of pigeons along with the most prominent breeders. You will see uinque shots of the birds. You will hear quality recordings of their voices. You will learn interesting things about the selection and training methods.

This project is self-financed. The making of the movies depends on your participation in it. By buying the first episode, you participate directly in the second, and so on. We look forward to your comments, feedback, recommendations and suggestions for the breeds you would like to see in the project.

Thank you for watching!

This project aims to present to the wide audience most of the pigeon breeds that have unique behavior and skills. These birds only reveal their qualities over their home, in front of their owners and their friends. Because of this most of these breeds can not be seen at exhibitions, where the appearance is what impresses visitors. When selecting pigeons, achieving an ideal exterior alone is a complex and slow process, requiring special skills and a lot of experience of the breeders. You can imagine the talent needed in order to create a pigeon breed that would be able to scroll, sing, descend and do amazing things. The most difficult selection activity is the one, which concerns the habits and behavior of the birds.